SHILOH RIDGE HOSPITALITY HOUSE – a ministry of Cadence International


We had the privilege of 3 years- time at SRHH. In all seriousness, words cannot express how thankful we are for them and how much we were blessed by this precious family. Lanny and Stacey love the Lord and His Word and it is evidenced in their Grace-filled ministry, Truth-centered home and selfless service to the families they come in contact with. It was an absolute joy to do life with the Groves Family-- even their children are a part of the ministry and they serve with joy and excellence. These people know how to be the church! The body of Christ is clearly lived out by the Groves'-- whether they are mentoring other couples, babysitting, teaching the Word, bringing meals, etc., they live to serve and give of themselves, just as Jesus calls us to do. We watched families (including ourselves!) mature in their faith under the instruction of the Groves. We hold the Groves Family in our hearts and look forward to spending eternity with them!

Tom and Betsy Graham,

We are so incredibly thankful for the Groves family and Shiloh Ridge Hospitality House.  Having never been to a hospitality house before, we weren't sure what to expect, but after that first Friday night Bible study we were hooked!!  Stacey and Lanny are so genuine in their love for everyone who comes into their home. It was obvious to us that they care deeply for others and they do a wonderful job in their ministry. It is so comforting to know that even though we are away from family on holidays, we are always welcome in the Groves home for food and fellowship.  We have spent Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Memorial Day, Easter and other holidays at the Groves home eating, laughing, praying, and playing games. We've had some wonderful family memories made during these times.  We are really hoping that we will see our kiddos be baptized in the pond out back some day. My husband is particularly thankful for Lanny's mentorship and the friendships he has made through Shiloh Ridge.  With his job it can be difficult to connect with Christian men and he has found a great group here to fellowship with.  We have invited many friends to SRHH and the ones that join us are so glad that they did! Our children are also so excited for Friday nights and spending time with the Groves children.  It makes it so much more enjoyable to go somewhere that everyone in the family is looking forward too. The Groves also host an Adoption Support Group once a month for those that are interested in adopting, have adopted, or would like to support other s that are adopting.  We became a family through adopting our son and daughter and we are in the process of adopting for a third time.  The support we receive through the Adoption Support Group is something we had never had before.  I can honestly say that we might not have answered the call to adopt a third time had we not had the support of this group. Lanny and Stacey do a wonderful job leading our group and praying for all of the families. Shiloh Ridge Hospitality House is truly our home away from home.  Our lives are much richer here at Fort Campbell because of the Groves family. Thank you Lanny, Stacey, Caleb, Katie Jo, Seth, Bethany and Josh for all that you do for military families!

Paul and Sarah Plevinski,